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When The Light is Just Right

Light Seeker

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I found it! THE perfect place to photograph our flowers. It might seem like such a tiny thing but the freeing feeling this has offered me has been huge! It is important that I do get photos of the flowers before they leave here as a means to document what we are growing and at what time of year. I also don't want to be relying on others for their photography feed back - it may never come! I love seeing our work through a professional photographer lens but that is now just the cherry on top.

I want to have ownership over how the world sees our flowers. As the grower as well, I am seeing ALL of the flower. I am there with them from the very beginning. They go on quite the journey before making it into that bouquet. Every day I see something new in the garden to get excited about and the subtle and not so subtle changes in the plants and blooms. There are some flowers which change colour as they age. There are others whose petals open and close with light. Some plants sit in bud for what feels like a decade before over night popping open and dazzling everyone lucky enough to witness the sight. Having the confidence to take the photos and do them justice gives me such ownership and pride in sharing and happiness in the knowledge that I am sharing the full story of the flowers and our garden.

Finding THE spot!

Photographing the flowers on their way out the door when delivering a wedding has always been stressful. I want to get photos of the flowers for the reasons stated above but during the wedding morning rush all my focus is on getting the flowers to the venue in one piece. It has always been an added unwanted effort faffing about looking for a clean wall and good light! The photos we were taking always had a busy background and the angles and light were never quite right.

Game changer

I found a space - natural light, plain walls, bench at the perfect height for placing my camera phone (Bench usually requires a quick clear away and wipe down!) - our BATHROOM.

Over the last few weeks I have been loving creating bouquets, always freshly picked from the garden, and photographing them. I have been photographing them in a little corner of our bathroom - where the light is just right. Almost any time of the day it offers a different level of light and shade. It is natural light that is the saving grace in this room coming through the small window. All I need to do is make sure the clothes washing pile isn't too high and the toothpaste has been cleaned off the bench.

I am so happy to have found a little space that will make life with flowers and wedding work in particular easier. Not having to think about where to get the final photo of the bridal bouquet is such a huge weight off - and the flowers get their well deserved time in the sun.

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