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The Summer Garden

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Our summer garden this year is full of weeds, overgrowth and to most people visiting the garden, probably not much else! You would need to look closer than just on the surface. The amount of life living in and amongst all that chaos (and I'm hoping underneath all that chaos) is mind boggling!

There are so many bugs and little creatures who have made this patch home. When we moved here this area was a big cleared rectangle shaped pice of land and now it is a flurry of moving and forever changing organisms of all shapes and sizes.

My dream for the garden has been for it to be such a fertile space that plants are able to just self seed and surprise us year after year. This is starting to happen with the italian sunflowers from last year making an appearance this year and I did get a little emotional when I saw the first self sown cuacumelon vine growing. I had just been thinking about those little guys and wondered if we had missed their window!

The garden is such a giving entity. Sometimes you have to know what you are looking for or at least look fairly closely but there are strawberry plants under mint bushes beside salvias and snapdragons. There are pansies hiding away under tall grasses and natives down the back are hanging in there!

There is alot that needs doing in the garden - as there always is - but I have been trying to see from the perspective of what we have going for us as opposed to our deficiencies! (life lesson)

Jobs to do:


clearing spaces/ bed prep/mulch


blood and bone/ manures

smell the mint

touch the dahlia petals

collect the seed

look closely

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