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The Polite Aquilegia

Some young aquilegia plants in our garden miraculously made it through our long dry hot spell. They protected themselves by taking shade from those around them and holding their breath i think! They are a perennial plant and I'm still trying to increase the number of plants in our collection so I sow seed around this time and in Autumn. They are a dainty, beautiful, floaty, respectful flower and after this summer, turns out they are super hardy too.

This is my love note to the Polite Aquilegia

You will not find her if you trample fast and loud

She herself is is not loud

Heads bowed politely

An understated ceremony

of joy

Delicate and dainty yet a presence undenied

May you not walk passed Aquilegia

Her sparkle

The mystery of ...

Bow with her

in ceremony

A bowed head releases it all

A bowed head allows your wings to breathe

She tells you to notice

To tread gently

To spread your wings and soar

But never forgetting to look down

The trouble is people are not looking down

In her language she is resolved to win

Win what?

This folly - she shakes it off

Little dancers

Gracefully swaying

Aqueligia - please stay with me

In ceremony

The win - what you find when you look down


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