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Sunday White Wedding

Last Sunday we grew and gathered for a wedding at Longview Rotating House. Our Bride Laura was wanting a more classic look with white flowers and darker, green, brown foliage. As it got closer to the day Laura let me know that she loved the look of the amaranth we had growing and asked if it could be incorporated into the flowers for her day and she also relaxed on the type of greenery telling me I could use whatever coloured greens we had growing. Music to my ears! Thank you Laura for trusting us to do what we do and allow the day and the flowers to be what they would be!

There was still a very classic “white” look about the florals but we added the amaranth and earthy tones by way of the deep orange dahlias and muddy coloured zinnias. These additional colours made the white of the other flowers show up more brightly and prominently.

The flowers we used were cosmos, dahlia, zinnia, crepe myrtle, roses, amaranth, buddleija predominantly with hop vine, guava berries and protea flowers as the cherry.

Beautiful day for a “white” wedding / beautiful feedback. And it was great to see the groom after a good 9 years having worked with him way back when!

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