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Summer's End and Pink Daffodils

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

The last few days we have had rain and even a flood warning for our river came through yesterday! The river hasn't risen yet but Pete has moved the pump and canoe from the river's edge to the top of the hill just in case! It is around this time every year since we have been here that there has been a flood event - always an awesome sight to see. Our house and gardens are in no danger of getting swept away as we are at the top of the hill but the amount of water that washes over the trees on the river flats is astonishing - almost as astonishing is how quickly it all subsides and gets back to normal!

Jobs for the garden- clear, add manures and compost (if we can afford to buy it in as our compost efforts are woeful!), and mulch. Am working on getting the beds ready for planting out in the next few weeks possibly! I have ranunculus, freesia and anemone bulbs to put in the ground and am crossing my fingers that I see those beauties rise and shine in time for the August wedding we are doing the flowers for! Bulbs are a great set and forget and hope.

Olivia told me the other day that she wanted a pink daffodil. I told her that daffodils come in different yellows and whites but not pink. I was online ordering bulbs from REDEARTH bulbs later that night and I found pink daffodils! A beautiful pale pink trumpet- so I had to buy a set of these for Liv. A couple of years ago I bought a heap of daffodil bulbs and not a single one bloomed. Jonquils flower here so I don't know why I have the trouble! Wish us luck with the pink daffodils.

Cooler days, wetter days, end of summer days and beginning of wheels in motion days

to provide seasonal, beautiful, unique flower designs for our 2019 weddings!!

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