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Save Your Best Dresses For The Garden

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

I use to wear regular, ordinary clothes everyday. I was always saving my favourites for a time that wasn't now. I soon realised that I was spending the majority of my life in clothes that I didn't like very much! So I have now started wearing my most treasured clothes as often as I can. You can now find me weeding and shovelling manure in dresses and gumboots, collecting eggs in my skirts and it makes me happy to be doing the every day things that I do, in clothes that I love. I also have fond memories of seeing my Nan always in beautiful floaty dresses, aprons and pearls.

I'm a collector of aprons. An apron for me is practical, beautiful and above all else reminds me of my Nan. My Nan passed away this week at the age of 90. She was married to my Pop for 67 years. Her life was long and full and she was the most kind and generous person you would ever meet. I have fond memories of my Nan wearing her apron and humming to herself in the kitchen. She always wore her pearls and beautiful dresses. Her home was ever ready to welcome any and all visitors. Her dinner table was large enough to sit and feed a small army. I desire to be more like my Nan when I grow up.

I have to put my apron on before I go to the garden. Practically my apron is a holder of stuff. Without fail if I go outside without my phone I will wish I had it to take photos with. The number of times I've ran back to the house for my phone I can't count - great cardio though, My apron also provides a place for scissors which you will ALWAYS want - you regret going to the garden without scissors every time! As a result some of my apron pockets are a bit holey.

An apron with pockets is the place for short stemmed flowers you've picked, seed heads you plan to save or scatter later and it is a place for nature's random treasures that will inevitably find you! My apron connects me to my garden and gives me permission to fully immerse myself in it all.

Life is hard and wonderful all at once. It is short but life is also long if we are all lucky enough. Don't wait to do the things you really want. Don't hide away your most precious things for a later "more appropriate"' time. There's no better time. Go out and wear your best dresses in the garden and feel good about keeping close those things which you find the most beautiful. (This goes for the special people in your life too)


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