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Messages Behind The Bouquet

If you were living in the Victorian Era and privy to the language of flowers - you would be quite horrified to receive this beautiful bouquet.

According to the Language of Flowers these are their meanings:

Petunia - anger

Canterbury bells - acknowledgement

Scabiosa - unfortunate love

Carnation - alas for my poor heart

Foxglove - insincerity

You would not be very happy with the deliverer!

For me though - I prefer to take some creative licence and compose a translation full of positivity, love and all the good stuff! So while I LOVE the idea of speaking in flowers I say talk in flowers only if you have something nice to say! Apologies to all the traditionalists out there!

The energy unseen behind a bouquet is the important thing- it is unseen but not unfelt. How a flower is placed, who it is placed alongside, thoughts of the recipient- all play a key role in the putting together of a bouquet and the final message i hope is taken away

My bouquet actually reads like this:

Petunia - calm

Canterbury bells - acknowledgement

scabiosa - lucky in love

carnation - full heart

foxglove - honesty

There is always a place for negaitive emotions and they are an integral part of life as a human. I prefer to leave flowers pure and send messages full of light when I am speaking with them that's all. I give flowers with love.


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