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Green Mist Ammi Visnaga

This beauty - Ammi Visnaga Green Mist (alongside the ever faithful Italian Sun sunflower) self seeds with love all around the garden and she is a sight for sore and smokey eyes that's for sure! Flowers in abundance throughout the harshest months of summer and even so in this exceptionally dry summer. Under the umbrils you will find families of beetles and bugs keeping cool and safe - a welcome haven for any little insect! The intricacies of each flower head requires a double take and a close up camera lens. Green mist is a tighter flower than her cousin Queen Ann - the latter seeming to float and flutter above it all. Green Mist when cut and left out of water curls herself up protecting the thousands of seeds in her belly. Green Mist is one protective,nurturing and generous mother forever welcome in my garden.

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