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Dried flowers - beauty at the end

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Mesmerised by this dahlia flower - bright yellow in life and copper orange in her preserved end.

The months leading up to Christmas I collect flowers for drying for use in wreath work. I love the idea that I can make a wreath for a person's Christmas lead up and have them still want it up on their walls in the many weeks or months afterwards - this is also a cause of anxiety around this time and of me crossing my fingers that that is the case and that they are not now dealing with a crumbling mess!

The flowers I generally use are statice, nigella pods, larkspur, poppy pods, have loved using dried queen ann's lace, grasses, ferns, tea tree, shasta daisy, billy buttons, sea holly.

This year I am going to dry whatever flowers I have spare - oh and roses look amazing dried too! Endless possibilities!

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