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Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Keeping track of our farm progress, learnings, successes, failures has been on my list of jobs to do since we moved here nearly 5 years ago. Every time I get the urge to record I find a page in one of my thousands of notebooks and make a start and then I don't look at it again until usually around the same time the following year - or change of season is generally when a boost of motivation kicks in. So I have random pages here, there and everywhere jotting bits and pieces. I suppose if I collated them all together there would be some resemblance of a track record! I'll get on to that --- but first I wanted to just start this blog - mostly for myself - I need to get my typing back up to speed as I don't use a computer much for anything anymore - it's all thumbs on the phone! I'll also know where all the info will be kept every time.

My eldest son Tom is about to start kindy and Pete has just gone back to school today so very soon we will be getting into the swing of things - back into some sort of routine after a summer of sun, swims, orange iceblocks, camping and late nights under the air con. As I type this I am sitting here in just swimmers - gotta love mid summer! I have been starting a few seeds here and there trying to get as many germinated before it gets cold and everything starts going at a snail's pace - but I'm not sure if now is too early? I'll find out!

So many things inspire me and I have a lists a mile long of things I want to do, learn. I'm attempting a meal in the slow cooker today so will see how that goes! I get so excited about the possibilities of what we can grow- colours, varieties - limitless!

Mary Oliver poetry is my current love as well as learning all about the GUT! the human body is pretty amazing in its workings - and podcasts - oh how I love a good pod cast car trip - have just discovered Mickey Robertson from Glenmore House's podcast all about her kitchen garden exploits and inspires me no end to get out into the garden and get going with starting a huge compost heap!

In the garden Jan 2019:

Zinnias - mostly pinks - would love more variety next time! I do love salmon though!

Cosmos - mostly the self seeded type - the ones I planted from seedling I grew did;'t thrive- although a few of the cupcake cosmos did and am in love!

Amaranth love lies bleeding - always a show stopper although need to do more successive sowings as plants are short lived- have been hanging onto them and drying for the winter - wreaths

Celosia - better luck this season - have seen enough for me to want more!!

Dahlias - hit and miss - hoping that when we get some rain and cooler weather they start pumping them out because nothing really beats them in full bloom.

Snapdragons - some are still hanging on and flowering every now and then - going to leave them in to see if they keep going through the winter and into spring again?

Italian sunflowers self seeded everywhere! not complaining

Summer might be a time for keeping plants alive and not necessarily worrying about harvesting for any particular market. This has allowed me time to practice bouquet creation which I love.

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