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5 Ways For Your Wedding Flowers

There are so many options available to couples when thinking about their wedding flowers. There are financial considerations couples need to keep in mind as with any other aspect of the wedding event but there are options to cater for all. Flowers bring so much to a celebration and when paired with seasonality and locality, this sense of place creates memories which tie individuals, special life events and flowers for years and years to come.

The time of year couples choose to wed is chosen for many a reason and you can find flowers in all seasons but for us here, our flower wedding season is all year round bar June, July and early August. These months see our flowers slow down (unless you really love the beautiful wattle blossom which puts on a real show in the winter time!), perennials hibernate and our little seedlings are growing, waiting for the warming spring soils.

Find below 5 flower options for your wedding:

  1. You entrust us to grow the flowers and create something special just for you. We use the best in bloom on the week of your wedding.

  2. Are you a creative type? We offer DIY mixed buckets of flowers for you or someone of your choosing to make magic with.

  3. The best of both worlds - DIY buckets plus our bouquet packages. You get access to a mix of flowers and foliages whilst leaving key pieces like your bridal bouquet, in our hands.

  4. Find a florist who buys flowers form local growers where possible. There is a community of growers and florists connecting through the Manning Valley Flower Collective.

  5. if you have the time, space and desire- grow your own! There are many beautiful flowers easily grown from seed or bulbs. It is all about the timing.

If number 5 excites you get in touch and I can help point you in the right direction. I will be growing a few excess seedlings this coming autumn for anyone wanting to try to grow their own flowers. These seedlings will give us spring colour we will be so craving by then.

Keep growing or if you want to start growing, get in touch!

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