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Finding a community

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Since starting down this rabbit hole a few years ago I have found endless resources, learning tools, like minded communities, courses, books !! - you really can learn about whatever you choose - You Tube is free and you can do it from home once all the kids are in bed - or while they are deeply engrossed in a daytime movie you have put on for them for some down time all round!

This year I am subscribed to the Ponderosa and Thyme yearly subscription course where every month a tutorial is sent to my inbox for me to watch at my leisure - Katie (Ponderosa) is a never ending pool of inspiration for someone as keen to learn and be immersed in this world as myself.

Inspiration is everywhere - Instagram has connected me with so many amazing people interested in the things I am interested in who offer advice, feedback and encouragement along the way. Elizabeth Gilbert from Big Magic fame once said that she doesn't like to use the phrase 'following your passion' - she prefers to be guided by 'follow your curiosity'. I wholeheartedly agree - my curiosity has lead me to growing flowers and to taking in more of what surrounds me.

I have been noticing the dragonflies at the river - today there were what seemed like thousands of them - I said to the kids it was like a dragonfly highway! I notice the moths on our windows - of all different sizes, colours, patterns - just beautiful. These last few years I have taken more notice of nature and have never felt more connected to it all.

I learnt just yesterday from an Instagram flower friend that I need to chill my larkspur seed before planting - all these years I thought it was just me and larkspur not being meant to be! I learnt from another that I need to peel the outer casings off the lunaria seed pods to reveal the shiny silvery discs inside - I was about the throw mine in the compost!

Thank you for the connections and here's to more good times and flower adventures together!

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